Bob Regnerus – Book Authoring Program 

This agreement entitles the cardholder to a Book Authoring Program with Bob Regnerus. Clients will be led through a process to help them complete their manuscript on their own, and receive editing, proofing, designing, and publication services.  Clients receive coaching and accountability in getting their book done, marketing advice, and mentoring through the process.

We will work together as follows:

1) Client completes the Book Assessment

2) Kickoff Call

3) Book Planning call 1 week later

- Client begins writing -

4) Check in calls every 2 weeks until you have a manuscript done, then...

- Editing, Proofing, Design, and Production cycle -

5) Marketing Planning Call

6) Publication on Amazon

I agree to pay $1997 today and then EIGHT (8) payments of $1000 every 30 days

*Please note - If your manuscript draft is not complete in 8 months, you will be charged an additional $1000 per month for each month you delay. This is your incentive to finish! If you do not finish your manuscript after 4 additional months, this agreement is terminated and you will not receive any more coaching nor will we be obligated to handled your editing, proofing, design, and publication without an additional fee. 

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